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Felton Institute responds to human needs by providing cutting edge, evidence-based social services that transform lives.

Felton Institute responds to human needs by providing cutting edge, evidence-based social services that transform lives.

Felton Institute can trace its roots back to 1889. It is named for Katharine “Kitty” Felton, its dedicated and maverick director known for tirelessly working to help children and families in need. Kitty Felton believed in the mandate that San Francisco citizens in crisis must have access to social services and resources in order to help them build upon their inherent strengths and develop self-sufficiency.

128 years later, Felton Institute remains the oldest nonsectarian, nonprofit social service provider in San Francisco.

Felton’s mission is to respond to human needs with innovative social services and treatment that combine evidence-based practices with cultural sensitivity and a deep respect for our clients.

We place special emphasis on the needs of low-income families, children, the elderly and people living with disabilities.

Our northern California community embodies cultural, economic, social and ethnic diversity. Felton Institute responds to the call by offering 46 programs in 11 languages at multiple sites throughout San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

Our services are comprehensive and reach across all racial, ethnic, cultural, social and linguistic lines. More than 70% of our clients have annual incomes below the poverty level, about 65% of the clients are of ethnic or racial minorities, and over 50% are female. Our programs have been recognized as national models and have received the highest possible ratings from San Francisco’s Department of Public Health.

Felton Institute, a/k/a Family Service Agency of San Francisco, consists of seven divisions: Adult, Children, Youth and Family, Senior, Felton Early Psychosis Programs, BEAM, Felton Traingin and Research.

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Here at Felton Institute: Family Service of San Francisco, we are dedicated to serving the best interests of both our clients and our employees. If you have insightful suggestions for feedback, feel free to contact us on our confidential hotline. To contact us: HR Hotline Phone: (415) 379-2542 Email: hr@felton.org
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